2002 - HVLP

Unprecedented ...........Quality & Performance

Lightweight, Lightning Fast, Best Finishes

· Outstanding Finish Quality - Better Than Any Gun, Conventional High Pressure Or HVLP
· Fast And Easy Application - As Fast As High Pressure
· Lightweight - You Won't Find A Lighter, Better Made Gun
· One Needle, Nozzle, & Air Cap For All Materials - Sealer, Base, Clear, Etc
· Machined Aluminum Body & Cylinder: Machined Delrin Handle
· Simple - Only One Moving Part For Needle & Air Flow
· Compact - Air Regulator Built Into Handle
· Consistent - Pneumatic Trigger Means You Always Get A Perfect Pattern

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The 2000 and 2002 are used by Boyd's Hot Rods

A 2002 and a shop air line are all that you need to start applying
the finest finishes that you have ever seen !

Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

Distributed by: Nationwide Sales Arlington, MA

Call 800-LEX-AIRE 800-539-2473 781-646-1102

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