Operating Theory

Remove from carton
Plug URBO-DRYER into 110 volt outlet
Attach a compressed air line to switch. ( URBO-DRYER uses a pneumatic switch to turn on and off, so the hose can be located in areas where an electric spark would be a concern. The amount of compressed air used is insignificant)
Attach URBO-DRYER hose
Ready to work!

Why is URBO-DRYER better than using compressed air?
Several reasons:
A compressor is a very inefficient device for producing drying air. It is designed to produce a relatively small quantity of high pressure air to run air tools.
When a compressor is used for drying it tends to run almost continually ( as most of you know) depleting the shop of needed air and using huge amounts of expensive electricity.

Compressed air is usually contaminated with oil and water, which is transferred to the parts you are trying to dry. If you are working on medical or electronic part this contamination is intolerable.

Compressed air actually chills the parts you are working on increasing drying time.

Compressed air in NOISY.

When you actually watch the "drying" process with compressed air you are really just chasing the water or solvent off the surface not drying it.

URBO-DRYER produces a large volume of clean, dry, hot, low pressure air.
The large volume clears parts faster.
The 3 micron, bi-fold filter ensures clean air. Because URBO-DRYER is a high speed air pum, Oil & Water contamination are NEVER a problem.
Hot air dries faster! Especially in blind holes and hollowed areas where the compressed air takes forever, the hot air of URBO-DRYER works fast!.

Designed to eliminate the use of expensive, cold & dirty
compressed air for blowing off parts.No more ovens or slingers.

Are you straining your compressed air supply trying to blow
solvent or water off the parts?

Lex-Aire's URBO-DRYER delivers a constant supply of
heated (150 F -220 F), high volume (97 cfm), low pressure
(4-5 psi), air for parts drying.

The high speed turbine impeller blades heat the air through rotational friction. There is no heater unit to maintain or replace.
The turbine air is always clean, dry, hot, and oil & contaminant free.

The Turbo-Dryer uses a bi-fold paper filter offering 19 square
feet of 3 micron filter media

The Turbine unit draws only 8 amps of 110 volt current to
operate and can be located anywhere.

The low pressure of the URBO-DRYER assures there is no risk
of injury associated with the use of high pressure compressed air.

Parts that require Certified Contaminant Free are perfect for
the contaminant free URBO-DRYER

Drying parts with the URBO-DRYER is much faster and safer than
drying with compressed air because of the hot, high volume
air produced by the URBO-DRYER.

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