Portable Or Stationary Self-Contained Parts Dryer

Dry Parts Quickly & Safely With Clean, Hot, Low Pressure Air

· Instant On, 110 Volt - 8 Amps

· Safe - No High Pressure

· Hot Air Dries Faster, Great For Blind Holes & Waterbased Finishes

· Doesn't Run Down Compressor

· Easy To Do Small Parts - They Don't Blow Around

· No Parts Damaged From Being Blown Around

· Pneumatic Hand Switch - No Electric Switches Near Solvent Area

· Designed to eliminate the use of expensive, cold & dirty
compressed air for blowing off parts.No more ovens or slingers.
Say "Good-Bye" to expensive bottled gas

. Shop Employees Line Up To Use URBO-DRYER Over Compressed Air

· No Heater Units To Maintain Or Replace

The URBO-DRYER system comes complete with a

10' lightweight, flexible hose and ready to use for only $995.00

See our Urbo-Dryer 90 and Urbo-Dryer 200 for higher output
Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back
Distributed By: LEX-AIRE Nationwide Sales

Call 800-LEX-AIRE 800-539-2473 781-646-1102

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