LEX-AIRE Air Knife Air Supply

The LEX-AIRE Urbo-Dryer supplies hot, clean, dry, oil free air.

The-high speed pump impeller blades heat the air through rotational friction (60° C temperature
rise over ambient air) no heater elements to replace or maintain.

Cost- Effectively Replaces:
Compressed air that is often contaminated with oil and water.
Compressed air is also cold and is expensive to produce,
URBO-DRYER draws only 8-10 amps. of current at 110 volts.
URBO-DRYER is particularly effective on blind holes because it evaporates fluids on contact

Additional Benefits:
* Frees-up your compressed air for other operations.
* Delivers a constant supply of heated (150+° F), high volume (94 cfm), low pressure (7psi) air.
* Eliminates-the risk of injury associated with the use of high pressure air.
* Minimal system maintenance-a filter every two-three years ($25.00), no other maintenance required.
* Small parts are blown off without being blown away due to the low pressure.
* URBO-DRYER draws its air in through a washable bi-fold filter offering 19 square feet of filter media filtering down to 3 micron.

The Urbo-Dryer Air Knife Air Supply unit has a 1 1/2" NPT air outlet and will easily adapt to most any mounting need or piping need. Shown above is the air knife with a 3' PVC knife.

Depending on your line speed and needs, multiple units can be set up in series.

The Urbo-Dryer 90 is only $1195 complete. Shipping Weight 46 lbs.

See our Urbo-200 Air Knife for more air and heat.

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