The Best Solution for Drying Waterborne & Water Based Automotive Paints, Primers & Finishes

No Compressed Air Needed

Need to Speed Up Drying or Flashing Off of Waterborne and Water Base Automotive Paint, Primers, & Finishes?

Tired or Wary of Running Down Your Air Compressor with Compressed Air Panel Dryers?

We have your solution.

One Happy Turbo-Dryer Customer Reduced Drying Time for Sherwin-Williams Waterbased from One Hour to 12 minutes!

The Lex-Aire Panel Turbo-Dryer uses a high speed electric turbine to generate a large volume, of clean, dry, warm, filtered, oil-free air that provides turbulence for drying and flashing off Water Base paints.

• Operates on 110 Volt/10 Amp Electricity

• Instant On - Constant Flow

• Air Filtered to 3 microns

• Light Weight and Portable

• Warm Air - 100+ degrees

• Never Any Oil or Water

• Turbo-Dryer sits solidly on the floor, no tipsy stands.

• Say Goodbye to Running Down Shop Air and Expensive Water Traps and Driers.

• Comes With Eight Air Tubes, 6 With Bleed-Aire Holes, 2 Without, Bumper "T", and Two 45º Bumper Ends To Set-up As You Need
Bleed- Aire Tubes easily replaced or expanded with inexpensive PVC pipe.

Lex-Aire Has Been Making Drying Equipment for 25 Years. We Know What We Are Doing!

• Turbo-Dryer 60 produces 90 cfm free flow & 5.5 psi sealed.

• Shipping Weight 32 lbs, Cabinet 12"L x 8.5"W x 10" H

Made in USA
(patent applied for)

Only $995 Delivered

Download TurboDryer 60 & 90 pdf Brochure

Watch How Fast Turbo-Dryer Heats the Air!

Watch the evenness and power of Turbo-Dryer Air Flow. (11 second video)
Watch Here
Watch Turbo-Dryer 60 Raise the Air Temperature from 59º - 89º in 3.5 minutes. (3.5 min video)
Watch Here
Watch Turbo-Dryer 90 Raise the Air Temperature from 71º - 104º in 3.5 minutes.(3.5 min video)
Watch Here

Warm Turbo-Dryer Air means you can dry Waterbased or Waterborne Paints and Primers faster.
Warming the air reduces its relative humidity, increasing the ability to dehydrate.
Greater productivity means more profit for the shop.

As you see in the Videos, Turbo-Dryer warms the air 30º - 35º in 3.5 minutes!
The temperature continues to rise after that too.

Note: Turbo Dryer is placed closer to vehicle than necessary for pictures

Easily Arrange Bleed-Aire Pipes For the Spot Repair Panel or Overall You Are Drying

Bleed-Aire Tubes can be custom made to fit a particular car or configuration you need using 1-1/4" PVC Pipe for Turbo Dryer 60 or
1 1/2" PVC for Turbo Dryer 90 .

Two Turbo-Dryer Models
5.5 psi 90cfm

Cabinet 12"L x 10"H x 8"W

Comes with eight 1-1/4" Bleed-Aire Tubes


6 psi 94cfm

Cabinet 16"L x 11.25"W x 12"H

Comes with eight 1-1/2"Bleed-Aire Tubes


New Waterborne & Water Based Automotive Paint, Primer & Finishes require a flow of air to evaporate the water and let the finish dry.

Infrared heaters can dry the paint too quickly, causing bubbles.

Compressed Air Handheld or Stationary dryers use huge quantities of expensive compressed air. An air compressor is not designed to create large quantities of low pressure air. It is designed to produce high pressure air to operate air tools. Using a compressor to supply air to paint dryers, even with venturi devices, is inefficient, expensive, and can pass contaminants onto the paint surface. Operating the compressed air panel dryers often reduces shop air pressure and reduces productivity. With compressed air, you are paying to compress the air, paying to make it clean and dry enough to use with a panel dryer, and considering having to pay more for a larger compressor to keep the compressed air panel dryers going and still be able to work in the shop.

The Lex-Aire Turbine was created to produce large quantities of clean, dry, warm, oil-free air. We add a high efficieny 3 micron filter to make it even cleaner. Station it next to the panels after the booth is clear, and you will get a constant flow of air from the distribution tower, without having to worry about running down the shop air, or water & oil coming out of the dryer. Turbo-Dryer is almost maintenance free. Our dryers can pay for themselves in electricity savings alone.

Advantages Over Compressed Air Dryers

A dryer that uses compressed air has several problems

Cost - Compressed Air is Costly to Produce. Cleaning That Air of Oil & Water is More. Purchasing a Larger Compressor to Accomodate Venturi Dryers Costs Even More

Productivity - With Turbo-Dryer, Your Air Compressor Can Be Running Shop Tools. No Waiting For Pressure To Build Up

Efficiency - Compressed Air that has been run through a refrigerant drier is cool. As it expands in the venturi, it cools even more. This is how an air conditioner works. This increases the relative humidity of the drying air, decreasing its ability to evaporate water out of the paint finish. Turbo-Dryer creates a large volume of clean, dry, warm, oil-free air. Warming the air lowers its relative humidity and increases its ability to evaporate water from the paint surface.

Adaptable - Turbo-Dryer uses 1 1/2" PVC pipe to distribute the air. If you need a different length, height, or air hole placement, just get some PVC pipe, drill 3/8" holes to suit, and match Turbo-Dryer to the vehicles you work on!

Turbo Dryer Saves Electricity, Increases Shop Productivity, and Evaporates Water Better.
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