LEX-AIRE Convertible Turbine or Compressed Air Spray Gun

It's a Bottom Feed

It's a Top Feed

It's Both

Use the 1 quart cup for larger jobs. Then switch to the 8 ounce detail cup for touch up or small areas.

It's fast

It's simple as 1-2-3

1. Remove Cup and Plug

2. Install other cup and plug

3. Time to spray!

Pro-Series Turbine Convertible Gun comes complete for only $550.

Pro-Series Compressed Air Convertible Gun comes complete for only $650.

LEX-AIRE Pro-Series Gun

1 quart Bottom Feed Cup

8 ounce* Top Feed Cup

Tool Kit

*8 ounce Top Feed Cup can be substituted for 3 ounce, 21 ounce, or 32 ounce for $10-$25 more

Sales Information

Phone - 800-LEX-AIRE 800-539-2473

email - sales@lexaire.com